5 Reasons to Hike in The Rain ☔️

💦 More water flowing at the waterfalls

When we have an accumulation of rain in the hocking hills area our waterfalls begin to flow. If you have not experience a spring trip to the Hocking Hills you are missing out on some major water!

🥾 Less traffic on the trails

When the weather isn't cooperating like you want it to, you might consider still checking out the trails as there could be a lot less people hiking if it is raining. Most people don't like to venture out into the rain causing trails to be less crowded during the rain.

🎶 Free relaxing ambiance

Everybody loves the sound of rain in nature. What could be more calming during your hike.

💚 Create a lasting memory

Not everyone can say they hiked in the rain, so make the best time out of it and really enjoy yourself.

😅 It's just water

You most likely won't melt from it, but you can also wear rain gear to protect yourself as much as you can from the rain.