Our Story

Hocking Manor Indoor Pool

Discover Woodland Retreat, LLC: Crafting Unforgettable Getaways and Events

Are you in search of a distinctive, family-operated retreat nestled in the heart of Hocking Hills, where you can bask in nature's beauty and be charmed by our friendly farm animals? Look no further than Woodland Retreat, LLC. We're not just a vacation destination; we're a tight-knit family with over 40 years of experience in the event venue and rental industry.

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Our Story: Vision and Journey

In 2015, the seeds of our journey were planted when Uncle Larry, the visionary behind it all, extended an invitation to family members. This marked the beginning of our venture into managing rental properties in the stunning Hocking Hills region. Our journey commenced with the acquisition of land and cabins, both in need of tender care and attention. Uncle Larry, a true labor of love, transformed the cabins, adding enchanting wrap-around decks and even establishing four generous RV sites. Our path was not without its challenges, but we persevered, driven by a passion for creating extraordinary experiences.

Five years later, an opportunity arose to divest the land and cabins. This presented Uncle Larry with a unique chance to acquire what has now become Woodland Retreat, LLC. Along this journey, we encountered loss and sorrow, but we hold on to the treasured memories interwoven into our adventure.

The Heart of Our Family

At Woodland Retreat, LLC, our foundation is a close-knit family. Uncle Larry and Larry’s sister, Mary, Niece Penny, Nephews Logan and Quintin, and sister-in-law Phyllis are the heartbeat behind our operation. Our joy comes from working together on this splendid property, enveloped by lush woodlands and the endearing presence of our farm animals.

Hocking Manor Horse In The Field


Our farm animals are an integral part of the Woodland Retreat experience. Prepare to meet our gentle giants, two wild mustangs – Lacie Blue (the boss) and Stormie girl, an unexpected delight during a storm.

We also care for three horses: Lucky, Star, and Sugar, as well as three endearing donkeys – Baby Jack, Mama Jill, and the delightfully whimsical Stormie girl.

To complete our ensemble, we have four entertaining sheep. Our animals eagerly welcome guests and steal the spotlight when the camera is out.

Our Mission: Crafting Unforgettable Memories

At Woodland Retreat, LLC, our mission is crystal clear: we exist to help you shape enduring memories that leave a beaming smile on your face. Whether you're savoring the breathtaking splendor of Hocking Hills, bonding with our amicable animals, or reveling in the indoor saltwater pool or the serene ambiance of the Timberframe Lodge, we're here to ensure your getaway or event is nothing short of extraordinary.

Join us for a retreat like no other, where family ties, business events, intimate weddings, the wonders of nature, and our charming farm animals blend together to offer you an indelible and unparalleled experience. Your adventure awaits at Woodland Retreat, LLC. Come, be a part of our family, and let's weave cherished memories together.