The 4 Most Beautiful Hocking Hills Roads You Must Drive

Hocking Hills is full of beauty around every corner. We are going to take you through the four most beautiful roads to drive in the area. Buckle up, and enjoy the scenic ride!

Wildcat Hollow Road

First to start us off we have Wildcat Hollow Road. Wildcat Hollow Road is a paved back road. This scenic back road has an array of surroundings. Between the scenic farms and the large rock formations, there is plenty to see. This road is extremely narrow so please drive slow and be mindful of other drivers. Starting on Route 33 W take exit OH-180 / county road 33A. At the end of the ramp turn left at the stop sign onto State Route 180 W. Turn Left onto Pleasant Valley Road and then turn right onto Wildcat Hollow Road. Take the drive slow and enjoy the views! If you continue on Wildcat Hollow Road it will come to a stop sign. At the stop sign turn left, this will take you onto Starr Route Road (there is no road sign) which will connect back to Pleasant Valley Road which will take you back to where you started. Alternatively, you can stay to the right on Starr Route Road which will take you to 664 South. You will come out by the Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium so you could stop and grab some coffee for the rest of the drive!

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Big Pine Road

Next up we have Big Pine Road. This road is a paved back road. This road has some large rock formations along the curves and beautiful trees. Big pine road connects state route 664 south to state route 374 west. This road has many hiking trails on it. You may know Conkle’s Hollow which is located on this road. There are also a couple smaller less known hiking trails on Big pine road. To learn more read the blog 3 hidden hikes in the hocking hills for more information. In order to get to this road you will head out state route 664 south. You will then turn right onto Big Pine Road (this road is located right after the hocking house). You are now on Big Pine road. Continue on this road and enjoy the route. I usually turn left onto state route 374 W, but if you want to venture out you may continue straight staying on big pine road and begin your next adventure.

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State Route 374

Up next we will continue on 374 W from our previous drive. This road has some large curves that bend around large rock formations. This road is paved and a main highway in hocking hills. This road continues to go continuing along 664 N and then turning right to continue onto 374 W. This route will take you past the John Glenn Astronomy Park and a couple of major state parks. You will see Old man’s cave on your right and the newest addition whispering cave on the right as well. Along State route 374 W you will also pass the state park Cedar Falls. State Route 374 is such a beautiful road it has made it onto the Hocking Hills Scenic Byway. If you continue onto state route 374 W. Turning right onto 374 W at the stone walls after Old Man’s Cave. Continue onto 374 W until you come to an intersection. At the intersection turn right onto State Route 56 East.

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State Route 56

State Route 56 is another beautiful road. This road passes Ash Cave state park which is a quick easy hike if you need to take a break from driving. Also along this road you will pass a natural spring on the right, about 2 miles past ash cave. This road takes you around some sharp curves around large rock formations. This road leads you to a small town called South Bloomingville. You will come to a 3 way stop and there is a gas station on the right. This is the closest gas station to the main state parks. If you turn right at the stop sign you will be on 664 heading back to Logan. If you turn left at the stop sign it will take you into a village called Laurelville.

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Overall, there are many beautiful back roads and main roads to drive in the hocking hills. Whether it's driving around to admire the fall leaves, or the vibrant green trees, or the sparkling white snow we have you covered.